In cooperation with the Regional Ministry of Electricity Kurdistan, Luthardt is pleased to offer the following five-day course on Protection of Power Distribution Systems: Fundamentals, Design, Operation and Maintenance. The course was developed by Luthardt Group and will be delivered by one of its experienced protection commissioning engineers.

This course for electrical engineers aims to provide participants with a detailed understanding of protection systems for power distribution networks. It will cover technical fundamentals, technology, design and application as well as general operation, maintenance and testing aspects for these protection systems. The course will also include practical show-case on available devices and test equipment. Participants will complete a daily multiple choice assessment questionnaire and a final course examination which includes multiple choice questions and descriptive, calculation questions.

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Training Invitation

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Participants should understand and speak the English language well enough to participate in the course, hold an Electrical Engineering degree or be a Senior Engineer and have at least 3 years experience in electric power

Learning Outcomes:

  • 1.0 Understanding of associated standards
  • 2.0 Understanding of overview of distribution system protection and its role
  • 3.0 Understanding of distribution feeder protection devices
  • 4.0 Understanding of over current protection
  • 5.0 Understanding of over current protection grading in a radial system
  • 6.0 Understanding of negative sequence over current element application and coordination
  • 7.0 Understanding of directional element application
  • 8.0 Understanding of load, sensitivity and back up protection
  • 9.0 Understanding of bus protection
  • 10.0 Understanding of distribution transformer protection
  • 11.0 Understanding of load shedding schemes
  • 12.0 Understanding of pilot protection and unit protection
  • 13.0 Understanding of communication between protection devices
  • 14.0 Understanding of calculations for above protection
  • 15.0 Understanding of software for settings and grading
  • 16.0 Understanding of types of relays used to achieve protection schemes
  • 17.0 Understanding of operation and failure modes of relays
  • 18.0 Understanding of maintenance and testing of relays including test equipment systems


Duration: 5 days

Class Size: 13

Venue: Central Training Facilities of the Regional Ministry of Electricity Kurdistan

Location: Erbil City, 100 Meter Road, in front of Jihan University into the substreet leading to Lebanese University

Date: 24-28 March 2019

Daily Schedule: 09:00 am – 3:30 pm

Cost per participant: The course fee which includes all materials, lunch and coffee is 2.800 EUR net.

Any further accommodation, travel costs, catering, transportation costs to be borne by participant.