Apr 24

Opening of the German liaison office for industry and commerce in Baghdad

On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, the Baghdad office of the German liaison office for industry and commerce in Iraq, DWI, was reopened inside the German Embassy compound in Baghdad.


Baghdad DWI Office

Hay Al-Mansour, Street Al-Amirat,
10081 Baghdad

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Hay Al-Mansour, Street Al-Amirat,
close to hunting club
Baghdad, Iraq

24.04.2019 | 00:00
24.04.2019 | 23:00

Für diese Veranstaltung ist keine Anmeldung erforderlich.

The German Ambassador to Iraq, Dr. Cyrill Nunn and the Regional Director of the German Chambers of Commerce abroad Mr. Felix Neugart, cut the opening ribbon of the office at a reception attended by representatives of the Iraqi government and Iraqi and German companies.

The Baghdad Economic Office is part of a global network of German Chambers of Commerce known as the AHK.

The aim of the office is to help German companies enter the Iraqi market by providing them with direct information and practical support as well as developing trade relations between Iraq and Germany.

The reopening of this office reflects the serious desire of the German government to promote German trade and investment in Iraq and contribute to the stability and development of this country.

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