Doing Business in Kurdistan Region

Our office is at your service with information and helps you with the business transaction in the region Kurdistan in Iraq.

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Company Registration in KRG

1 . Application Form

Regulations for the Online Business Registration of foreign companies by KRG Ministry of Trade and Industry: 

  1. Fill out the application form you will find at: Here

2 . Upload the following documents

  1. Mother company recent year Financial Statements
  2. Shareholders Ids and their signatures specimen
  3. Mother company AoA, Registration Certificate and BoD Minutes letter
  4. Company Director ID
  5. Company Legal Advisor ID, contract and Non Objection Letter from his Bar Association
  6. Company Accountant ID and Non Objection Letter from his Union
  7. Employees Ids (if any

3 . Authentication and Payment

  1. Once the initial approval is received via email deliver all the original documents to the respective Governorate Company Registration Office for document matching
  2. Pay the fees at the cash counter
  3. Wait for the final approval



4 . Outcome

  1. Once the final approval is granted (the process is within minutes) you will receive the company license
  2. Get the License stamped for being original at the Governorate CR Office Manager
  3. Your company is established and you are set to do business
  4. You will receive an email with your Tax Authority Company Number and your Social Security Company Number.