AHK Irak Announcement about “Iraqi-German Chamber of Exports and Investments”

09.01.18 AHK Irak - News-Hauptkategorie, Global News, Global AHK News

Dear business-community, ministries, partners and clients:


We would like to share with you information about an institution called “Iraqi-German Chamber of Exports and Investments” lead by Alaa A. Zaier aka Alaa al-Noori that has recently established in Baghdad. Please note that this organization/institution has been established without our agreement or coordination and therefore is not part of the official foreign German Chambers AHK-network. Neither, we the German liaison office for industry and commerce nor the Association of German Chambers for industry and commerce “DIHK” with headquarter in Berlin cooperate with the “Iraqi-German Chamber for Exports and Investments”. Also, this “Chamber” has no influence on the visa processes of the German Embassy in Baghdad as they claim on the Facebook-page. We, the German liaison office for industry and commerce also called DWI or AHK Iraq will remain the only official representation of the German economy and businesses that is supported by the federal government of Germany. If you have questions please email us at: dwie(at)dw-irak.com