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February 26th , 2017 Jour Fixe

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27.02.2017 | 16:07
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German Liaison Office for Industry and Commerce Held a Meeting

ETTC hosted the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry monthly meeting on February 26th, 2017 where recent news about economic development and business were highlighted. With a tasty dinner close to 50 members and non-members from politics and economy attended at the German compounds facilities.

Nisrin Khalil, the head of office made a presentation to the group explaining Germany’s economy outlining its relations to KRG in 2016. Germany has decided to open a Liaison office in Erbil in 2010 to strengthen Kurdish-German Business relations offering services such as company-matchmaking, address and company search, contacts to Kurdish and German institutions and ministries, information on German and Kurdish trade fairs, on-site service, market research, business delegations and networking events. 

The regular meeting is one of the most popular business networking events for companies, politicians and diplomats. Businessman and company representatives were given a chance to present their products and services and connect with each other to exchange news about changes, challenges and opportunities.

H.E. Mr. Falah Mustafa gave an overview about current economic updates in KRG and encouraged and supported the bilateral business-relationships underlining the popularity and respect for German products, services and business practices and appreciating their presence and loyalty to KRG during politically and economically difficult times.

Dr. Dara Al-Khayat, as the head of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry offered his cooperation mentioning that Kurdistan is still a safe place to do business and encouraged the Germans to advertise Kurdistan as business location.

Finally H.E. Mr. Marc Eichhorn, the German Consul General and H.E. Dr. Lars Kettner, economic attaché affirmed their belief in KRG’s huge market potential; saying that signs are economic reforms happening despite the fight against ISIS.