Doing Business in Iraq

Registering a branch of a foreign company in Iraq

Step 1:

Step 1:


The investor has to upload the following documents through the website:      Click Here to go to the website


  1.   A copy of the Establishment Contract of the parent company and the rules of the association of the parent company. It has to include the names of the board members and the authorities of the company and their signatures on it.

  2.  A copy of the company registration for the home countries in which the company is originally established in.

  3.  A copy of the final accountings of the parent company with a report, which was generated by the board of directors attached to it.

  4.  An audited document shall be submitted by a competent and independent authority specifying the financial position of the company, if there are no legal obstacles preventing the submission of its final accounts.

  5. An official letter from the parent company stating their approval to tolerate all financial and legal obligations, which faces the branch company in front of all of the Iraqi Governmental Departments and the private sector.

  6. A copy of the authorization of the director and his/her deputy who is in charge of the management of the company branch in Iraq with their residents working in the company. The authorization and the statement of the powers of the branch company is issued by the managing department of the parent company.

  7. Having a power of attorney POA to review or visit the Register of the Companies in Iraq for the purpose of registration and documentation on behalf of the company if the parent company could get a POA.

  8. A copy of Requesting Certification Application Form.

  9. A letter of support from the government departments or the contracting parties indicating the nature of the contract or the services provided with the statement of the beginning and end date and the period of maintenance, if any.




Step 2:

Step 2:


The registration specialist will audit the documents that have been uploaded by the investor.

Accepted: After the acceptance of the application by the specialists, step 3 will start.

Rejection: If the application is rejected, the applicant has to restart from step 1 by uploading the correct documents.



Step 3:

Step 3:


Submit the original documents you uploaded on the website, so the specialist will be matching the two documents (original and uploaded). After your submission you receive the payment form.



Step 4:

Step 4:


 Auditing and payment at the Secretariat of Fund in the registration office



Step 5:

Step 5:


Take your documents to a department that is called “Waridah” (engl.: incoming procedure). The registration decision will be prepared on the website, and then the decision will be raised to the General Manager of the registration office to be signed.  



Step 6:

Step 6:


The decision will be raised to the Manager of the department to review and then General Director signs it



Step 7:

Step 7:


The investor will receive the registration decision for the purpose of publication.



Step 8:

Step 8:

The investor will submit to a number of newspapers to publicize the decision of registration, address of the company, Title of the company, and a lease contract (if any)



Step 9:

Step 9:

The certification of the registration will be prepared and raised to the Director General of the Company Registration Office to sign.





  1. Ratification of the documents set forth in paragraph 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5  has to be certified by the competent authorities in the country of the parent company such as Justice Clerk + Foreign Ministry + Iraqi Embassy from the Home country + the Iraqi Foreign Ministry and translated into Arabic.

  2. Provide a colored photocopy of the passport of the authorized to manage the branch or the office of the company in Iraq if the manager is not Iraqi. If Iraqi He/She has to provide a copy if Iraqi ID, Residential card, civil status and residential card for Iraqis, and colored personal photo.

  3. If there is a POA person, he or she has to provide a colored photocopy of the Iraqi ID card, civil status and ration card, residential card or a colored personal photo.

  4. The company, which is attending to register its branch Iraq has to be established for not less than two years.

  5. The Branch manager, the representative authorized person of the branch company can review and visit Iraqi Register of the Companies Department.




Visa regulations for the Republic of Iraq

Visa regulations for the Republic of Iraq

Visa regulations for the Republic of Iraq


 In order to successfully apply for a visa of the Republic of Iraq, the following requirements apply:

• A fully printed and completed application form, which can be found on the following website:

• A colored copy of the passport

• Two photographs

• An invitation letter from the relevant ministries or companies for a business visa

• A medical certificate must be attached to the application

• The acceptance or rejection of the application is decided solely by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior in Baghdad

• Once approved, you will be notified by the Iraqi Consulates General


For applicants without German citizenship:

• A color copy of the residence permit in Germany must accompany the application. Otherwise, the visa must be applied for in the respective home country.


When approving the visa, we need the following:

• A passport with at least six months validity and at least one blank page for the visa to be issued

• Visa fees in cash or by check, amount: 34,00 Euro





Embassy and Consulate General of the Republic of Iraq in Berlin:
Pacelliallee 19 - 21
14195 Berlin


Tel:         +49-(0) 30-81488100

               +49-(0) 30-81488 115

               +49-(0) 30-81488 130

Fax:        +49-(0) 30-81488 222





Consulate General of the Republic of Iraq in Frankfurt am Main:

Westend Str. 12

60325 Frankfurt am Main



Tel:         +49-(0) 69-23807600

Fax:        +49-(0) 69-2380760151

+49-(0) 69-2380760152




One Stop Shop Department (OSS) at the National Investment Commission (NIC).

One Stop Shop Department (OSS) at the National Investment Commission (NIC).




1. Mission

The One Stop Shop Department is the National Investment Commission’s initial point of contact for investors interested in investing in Iraq. It aims to facilitate and expedite the investment process by providing investors with a streamlined and hassle-free licensing and investment services. In this capacity, the One Stop Shop directorate is the gateway to investment approval throughout Iraq.


  • Streamline the investing process by clarifying legislation, and improving service quality in registration, licensing, permitting, and land allocation
  • Process investment applications in a single easily accessible spot
  • Create a single clearing-house where investors can get answers to all their questions and inquires
  • Provide investors with pre-approval support including approval facilitation, local partnering, and information on markets, sectors, and investment incentives
  • Provide post-approval support which includes providing the necessary assistance in obtaining permits for importing equipment and raw material, and profit repatriation.

3. Main Activities

  • Pre-Issuing Investment Licenses: The new Investment Law No. 13 and its amendments requires investors to obtain investment licenses from the National Investment Commission or from the regional or provincial Commissions. Investors may submit investment license applications to the One Stop Shop Which will endeavor to inform investors of the final Commission’s decision on an application within 45 days from the date of submittal of a complete application.
  • Post-licensing support: The One Stop Shop helps to provide support services such as registering the project at the relevant government entity, as well as providing assistance for the project approval, and sponsoring expatriate workers.

4. OSS Department Sections:

The OSS Department is divided between a number of sections, each with specific responsibilities, as follows:

  • Reception and Investor Services Section: Responsible for Receiving, registering and inserting application data, as well as responding to investors inquires.
  • Coordination and Follow-Up Section: Coordinates the approval process by following up the investment application procedure both internally and through government entities.
  • Government Liaison Section: provides the needed support for investors by facilitating any other related procedures with the relevant governmental institutions.
  • Licensing Section: Coordinates final approval and issuance of license, and follows up project implementation post-approval.

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